Order Fulfillment

International Fulfillment Services combines a highly effective proprietary software solution and a vast order fulfillment network to deliver reliable third-party logistics services. From picking through packing to shipping, all orders are processed automatically, thereby providing quality effectively and efficiently.

Our system integrates seamlessly with all major e-commerce platforms giving you a smooth 2-way flow of data and information. You can track orders and upload data to major marketplaces, including Amazon, Walmart, and Shopify.

With this strategy, your customers will enjoy quick deliveries while you save up to 50% on the shipping charges.

We also offer unrivaled order tracking and returns management. We will update your store with tracking details of every order we dispatch and ensure returns are sufficiently processed and recorded in the inventory. With our efficient return tracking, your customers will be aware of the process and happy with our effective service delivery.

With our strategically located shipping agent locations, you can give your customers convenient two to three days shipping options by splitting your inventory across the various shipping agent locations. Our systems will then evaluate every order placed through your stores to determine the most convenient inventory location to source the products, assign a shipping agent and a suitable carrier. All this is done to reduce the delivery timelines as well as minimize shipping costs.

A smooth fulfillment process

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    Link your e-commerce store with our software

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    Your suppliers will drop products at our US shipping agent locations

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    We take care
    of all inventory needs

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    An order is placed through your store

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    Picking, packing and shipping occur seamlessly, and your
    US customer is happy


How does it work?

While many logistics service providers may want you to believe that fulfillment is complicated, we make it look easy through our highly effective strategies.

We take care of the bulky work while you concentrate on marketing your brand and selling the products. Our system synchronizes with your shopping cart in real-time fetching all orders. This is made possible by our highly-customized API solution. We will then pick and pack the order from one of our convenient locations and ship through a reliable carrier. Our software solution and our fulfillment methodologies are built to scale up as your business grows and expands to new markets. You can, therefore, be assured that the quality of our services can only improve and never deteriorate regardless of the number of orders you receive in a day. Additionally, the process highly customizable thereby giving you control over things.



Manufacture or source goods
from the US



Link all your sources and channels
to our system


Ship products

Ship products to International Fulfillment Services shipping agents across the U.S. and enjoy our reasonable shipping fees



Goods are received by our shipping agents and quality control checks conducted


Place an Order

An order is placed through your online store.


Pick the Order

We pick the order and follow predefined custom packaging guidelines.


Shipping Method

Our system picks a value friendly shipping method.



Order tracking information is relayed to your store.



The order is delivered to the customerat a designated shipping address.


Customers Notify Us

Customers notify us about returns through our returns portal.



Returns are picked and processed. We organize exchanges on your behalf.



The inventory is updated and efficiently managed through our software.

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With our order fulfillment services, you can cultivate a positive customer relationship through optimizing the delivery experience for cost and time.

There is always a fast, affordable, and reliable way to deliver to your customers.

Flexible and affordable shipping

We have established a network of professionals and strong working relationships with the world’s leading carriers. This enables us to provide high-quality shipping service at competitive rates. Additionally, we do not dictate how your products are shipped, after packaging; we will send you available shipping means listed alongside the applicable fees and expected delivery timelines. You can then choose between the available options depending on your particular needs. In general, faster methods will have higher costs, while slower ones tend to be cheaper.

Special projects

We understand that our customer requirements are rigid. We, therefore, remain committed to ensuring that any special needs and tasks not in your initial plan are executed diligently giving you the best value for money. Regardless of the nature of the special project, our professional shipping staff is capable of delivering exceptional services for any task that crosses their line of duty.

Picking and packing fees

International Fulfillment Services utilizes a fully automated picking and packing system delivering accurate and efficient results in less time. This enables us to handle a large number of orders within a day and thereby reduce our operating costs. Additionally, to cushion you against unwarranted charges, we have implemented a pay as you go system that only charges you only for the shipments you make in a month: no standard fees and no fixed monthly payments.


The flexibility of shipping

By using our service, you can offer your customers several shipping methods to choose from depending on their individual needs and urgency of the orders. Additionally, our systems rank and categorize orders based on a variety of scores to ensure optimum cost and reduce delivery timeline.

Orders processed on the same day

We assure you that all orders placed through your store before our stipulated standard end of the day will be picked, packed, and dispatched on the same day.

Optimized return shipping

While returns are inevitable, International Fulfillment Services will ensure they are shipped back through the most efficient and affordable method.

Delivery across North America

We offer delivery to locations across North America through ground transport and our vast shipping network.

Cross-border commerce and fulfillment

With our vast network of shipping agents and ready infrastructure, you have the chance to create a connected supply and distribution chain serving customers across the globe with only one point of authority.


Choose your favorite carrier

International Fulfillment Services is already in contract with FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL offering distinguished service levels. Depending on your additional needs, you can choose to use postal solutions, national, international, or regional carriers and enjoy optimized carrier costs.