Dropshipping has become a vital part of large scale retail, and it has enabled sellers to reduce inventory costs while maintaining extensive product selections.

It is through dropshipping that International Fulfillment Services virtually connects thousands of suppliers to our broad customer base delivering consistent market experience across the board. We can dispatch thousands of orders for your store from our own shipping facilities while following standard retail requirements.

We connect manufacturers and suppliers to the end-user through while at the same time ensuring compliance with standard regulations and minimizing costs.

From your dashboard, you can easily link up with your product providers and conduct oversight of the supply chain. This will, in turn, improve the overall shopping experience you offer your customers through a combination of the following:



Expanding your product selection range concerning customer needs


Testing and Launching

Testing and launching new items in a controlled inventory upgrade


Easy Import

Easy import of products in bulk through file uploads


Fulfillment Services

Offering fulfillment services from other vendors to increase your inventory


A Self-Service Platform

Providing a self-service platform for suppliers to ease the onboarding process



Monitoring the supply chain to ensure providers adhere to set regulations and timelines

In the same way, you can also achieve exceptional order fulfillment by monitoring the reliability, consistency, and transparency of your suppliers and maintaining communication flow to your customers.

Maintain positive financial growth by reducing inventory costs and targeting profitable business projects.

  • Expand your reach and sell more through dropshipping

  • Learn and track trends before expanding the inventory

  • Avoid markdowns

  • Use advanced packaging logic to pack more for less

  • Enjoy huge shipping discounts by shipping volumes of orders through contracted carriers

  • Categorize and rank orders based on the availability of products, delivery address, and your custom rules

  • Verify shipping addresses in real-time and cut on shipping costs occasioned by wrong addresses


A Successful Strategy

A successful dropshipping strategy must adhere to set guidelines and comply with regulations. It must also be considerate of specific brand requirements and cross border shipping. We are capable of all these and more.


We endeavor to serve our suppliers with the utmost respect and fulfill any custom requirements you may have. We can jointly make arrangements to ensure all orders comply with your guidelines and expectations.

Cross border and international shipping

Our vast network of contracted shipping facilities extends to more than 100 countries across the globe. You can hence rely on us to deliver shipments to virtually any location worldwide. Also, you can utilize our strategic shipping agents locations in the USA for the benefit of your business.

Grow your connections

Through our API interface, you can connect to as many channels and partners as you would like. We also have in place ready connectors for major platforms to make the transition seamless. Our spreadsheet upload feature also enables you to grow at a faster pace since you can add products and categories in bulk.

Increased exposure and integrity

Dropshipping is a great way to get your brand known deeper into the market. We know how important it is to accurately represent your brand to the customer and endeavor to maintain your specific brand standards throughout the sales process. If you require so, we can organize for customized packaging, packaging labels, and branded packing lists to ensure your brand remains visible to the customer at all times. This will, in turn, drive more revenue to you.