Amazon Returns

Today, your business knows that returns solutions are a crucial part of their retail proposition, and that means your reverse logistics solution is too. International Fulfillment Services provides an extensive reverse logistics solution operated by shipping agents across the United States all committed to the service excellence and performance you deserve. That brings complete flexibility, allowing you customize the return process to suite your specific needs, while providing easy assessment of aftermarket sales channels and disposition processes.

In addition, you can leverage the vast expertise of our own experience, allowing us to provide guidance to develop your returns management process in the most efficient and effective way possible. We cover every aspect of your return logistics needs, from shipping costs through to your product’s second or third life, you need confidence in your returns process, and we deliver.

Amazon has risen to become one of the most trusted ecommerce sites around, and it has become incredibly popular around the world. By selling through Amazon, international retailers and individuals have effective, easy access to millions of American shoppers without the infrastructure and marketing costs otherwise needed. However, Amazon also has stringent standards for customer satisfaction, and that means effective return policies to a U.S based address or free return shipping to overseas addresses, which can be a challenge for international sellers. With shipping delays and additional costs, your customers can become frustrated with the customer experience and lead to feedback problems with Amazon.

To avoid that, having a local U.S. based return address makes all the difference. We can help you with this by offering international merchants a U.S. address for returns. Upon arrival each return is scanned, and your account automatically updated with the important information such as tracking details, size and weight along with details of the returned contents. Along with this, we also provide the prepaid return shipping labels that ensure the highest standards of service for those American shoppers, keeping them happy and your feedback positive.


We then inspect each return, and we can then consolidate and ship to FBA or any other destination you define, helping you control costs while delivering the logistics service shoppers expect.

Amazon is an incredible opportunity for sellers of all kinds, and we can take the hassle out of your FBA return solution by providing the domestic logistics that make a difference to both customers and Amazon themselves.

Return Inspections

Amazon FBA has some great advantages for you as a seller, but also bring advantages to consumers too, one of those is the fast, simple returns processing offered. Returns that are sellable will be put back into your FBA inventory, however those marked “damaged” will be discarded as unfit for resale. However, with as many as 85% of discarded items actually saleable, it is important that you have your returns inspected for you.

We at International Fulfillment Services can take care of this, providing this crucial part of the FBA return process on your behalf. This includes a physical inspection along with a photograph of each returned item allowing you to classify whether they are saleable or not. We will then add the saleable items back into your inventory and return the damaged goods in bulk, saving you in logistical costs, or even dispose of them for you if preferred.

  • We receive and inspect returned items to help you classify accurately, reducing wastage

  • We ensure saleable items are returned back into your FBA inventory fast, improving ROI

  • We can dispose of returned items for you or return them in bulk to save on shipping costs

  • We ensure everything is properly labelled for correct order fulfilment and less returns for the wrong item

  • We provide a U.S. return address allowing customers to obtain Amazon refunds quickly

Our solution covers all aspects of return inspection, offering a proven workflow that delivers results for you and helps bring a larger percentage of your return inventory back into stock. Combined with our comprehensive return service, including a fully Amazon compliant U.S. return address, and your entire Amazon return needs are taken care of. This includes:

Simple Process

We make sure this whole process is simple, leaving you to focus on running your business. Sign up is simple, you can have your own U.S. based return address in just a few minutes. Our solutions cover all logistical needs for your Amazon FBA business including but not limited to return management.

If you are offering product internationally, we can take care of all your American shopper support, including:


Inventory Storage and inspection


Repackaging and Restocking


Tracking Solutions for Inventories


Defect reporting and analysis


Cosmetic Reconditioning


Pick and Pack solutions




Full return inspection solution


Returns processing and management


Amazon FBA return administration


Amazon FBS local return address


Amazon FBA reverse logistics

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