About Us

International Fulfillment Services is a cloud-based logistics company. We help our clients in mail processing and e-commerce fulfillment. Our innovative and tech-oriented approach to logistics and fulfillment gives our customers access to a vast network of suppliers, retailers, carriers and distributors to suit their specific business needs. Provision of logistical infrastructure in U.S. can be very challenging, however our distributed shipping network means hassle-free service for anyone.

Since the foundation of International Fulfillment Services, Inc., we have dedicated ourselves to assisting small and medium sized businesses that need better shipping and better technology which can enhance their e-commerce capabilities. Now our solutions enable them to spend more time on the issues that matter most, including customer satisfaction and market development, and brand recognition.

Our principle goal is helping you achieve your e-commerce outcomes to ensure you are the top seller in your market segment.

Our focus is on your business, so that your focus can be where you want it to be on your customers. To sum it up: we work for and with e-commerce companies, so they can achieve more and worry less.

We help you find new markets, manage transportation, forward and reverse logistics, and much more – we assist our customers with everything about e-commerce. We are dedicated to supporting your brand initiatives in whatever context you need that support, and stay until the job is done and you are 100% satisfied. That is our commitment to our customers, no matter how big or small the tasks may be, and for however long it takes until you, our client, is completely satisfied.

Our Professional Principles

  • All transactions are conducted with complete transparency

  • We focus on your success and how to help you achieve it

  • We focus on service

  • We advocate diversity and new technologies

  • We work with companies all over the world

  • We stay until the work is done and you are 100% satisfied


Our Team

Our competency is based on a team of diverse professionals — software engineers and logistics and operation experts who have a vast experience of designing and developing logistics systems for companies like Lyft and EBay. We make use of cutting edge logistics technology to build and maintain our smart fulfillment network which ensures quick, safe and hassle-free delivery anywhere in the world.

Identifying a gap in the market, International Fulfillment Services recognized the potential to assist small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) enhance their e-commerce capabilities. It was apparent that many such businesses lacked the necessary logistical and technological infrastructure to establish a successful e-commerce business. Thus, International Fulfillment Services pivoted its business model to focus on providing these services.

Leveraging its expertise in logistics and shipping, the company evolved to offer comprehensive, cloud-based logistics solutions specifically tailored to SMEs. This focus allows its clients to improve their e-commerce capabilities, spend more time on enhancing customer satisfaction, market development, and brand recognition, and less time worrying about the complexities of shipping and logistics. As such, International Fulfillment Services has transformed from a logistical bridge for goods between two countries to a comprehensive support system for SMEs navigating the world of e-commerce.

Now, the company’s name is International Fulfillment Services, Inc. and it is getting bigger and has customers around the world. And because of technology, in some ways the world is getting smaller. Yet there are still hurdles that exist for e-commerce business in spite of that technology. However, International Fulfillment Services still has the same priority: servicing our clients, promptly, smoothly, and with your best interests always our top priority.

We work hard, so you can worry less and grow bigger!

Our Mission

Amazon offers extremely quick delivery, no more than two working days. Because of that U.S. customers started to expect similar standards from other sellers as well. These businesses with limited infrastructure are often unable to meet expectations of their customers. Our mission is to eliminate this barrier for any vendor by providing them with fast and cost-effective fulfillment.

Our Culture

We seek to master a culture of excellency and honesty at International Fulfillment Services. The core belief is contentious improvement to excel the expectation of our clients. It is this approach that transmutes into our commitment, hard work and attention to detail offered to our customers.

Strategically Located Network of Shipping Agents

We made a strategic choice not to partner with third-party warehouses as this would impair our ability to provide unparalleled service to our clients. Instead, we have focused on building a network of private shipping agents. This conscious choice coupled with our expertise and industry knowledge allows us to provide our customers with unmatched support and guidance as they set out to expand their businesses.

International Fulfillment Services, Inc. is currently investing in expansion of its shipping agent network all over USA. Having operated a decentralized approach, we can operate efficiently without running large warehouses. This is especially important in times of Covid-19 where cost minimization has become essential for survival of many businesses. Our agents are working to provide shipping to our clients from the convenience of their homes during these testing times.

This remote shipping network gives us flexibility which results in lesser costs, lesser expenses and higher saving, the benefit of which we pass on to our clients.