Amazon Preparation Services

Fulfillment by Amazon, FBA, remains one of the best ways to put your inventory in front of American shoppers even if you are located internationally. It takes advantage of the impressive infrastructure and reputation Amazon have built, from Prime membership with free delivery to the secure payment system trusted by millions. However, for all the benefits, FBA does have problems too, mostly caused by a lack of flexibility. FBA requires that products are ready to be shipped upon arrival at the fulfillment center, and if you fail to do this, they can fine you for non-compliance or even refuse to accept your inventory.

International Fulfillment Services, Inc. can help you avoid these problems with our Amazon Prep Service. You ship your new inventory directly to us in bulk, saving shipping costs, and we will prepare and forward to the one or more fulfillment centers for you. This reduces international shipping costs while ensuring that your inventory remains stocked at all times.

With your main inventory held by us, there are no long lead times for restocking as there would be sending international shipments, ensuring you always have inventory to hand when needed. Because we also deal with Amazon labelling, barcoding and other necessities, you avoid issues by having your FBA inventory arriving at any fulfillment center prepared to Amazon standards and ready for shipping.

Our comprehensive FBA preparation solution includes:


Quality Control




Expiration Dates




Photo Documentation

Whatever your prep needs, our FBA support solution delivers the bespoke arrangement your business needs to maintain 100% Amazon compliant


Complete stock management


Creating Sets from Individual Items


Compliance with all Amazon Product Guidelines

Fulfillment by Amazon has stringent standards for preparation and other aspects of inventory management and shipping. Failing to comply with these can bring harsh penalties, including fines and even the loss of your account. Making sure that everything is prepared correctly is, therefore, a crucial part of your business operation. We can carry this out for you, ensuring that every item of inventory is prepared to Amazon requirements before forwarding to the fulfillment center for you. This gives peace of mind, saves hassle and ensures your business remains in good standing with Amazon. Whether it is new labelling or repacking in quality containers, we have you covered.

Custom Packing for FBA

Whether you are bringing together multiple products from external vendors, repackaging white label solutions or simply need to remove the bulk packing a product arrives in, we are here to help. We offer a flexible solution that caters to your specific needs, so if you do have a special requirement, we can accommodate it. From removing labels to sourcing and incorporating custom packaging, we can help with it all, just talk to us about your needs.

Your Dedicated Amazon Consultant

Small businesses and new startups can find it difficult to establish a foothold in the industry, with shipping especially a series of challenges for those new to Amazon’s systems and processes. To help you along, we provide a dedicated shipping agent ready to help every step of the way. From answering your questions to advising on any new initiative, they are there to help you grow and maximize the opportunity that FBA represents. Whatever you need, your shipping agent is there to help

Cutting-Edge Technology

There is no avoiding the fact that there are many fulfillment companies offering services to international retailers such as yourself, we don’t hide from that or pretend that we are unique in that regard. We do things differently though, leveraging state of the art technology to deliver the professional, effective solutions that you need. From API integration to automated processes, we use bespoke software systems to deliver a superb service without adding costs. Adding unmatched flexibility, our technology allows us to map SKUs across sales channels, creating unlimited numbers of bundles that lets you change your product lines on the fly without affecting tracking, inventory levels or any other aspect of the fulfillment process.


Sometimes a fast turnaround is essential to maintain stock flow and reduce overall transport costs. In this situation crossdocking, the practice of unloading containers directly to outbound carriers and avoiding storage fees, has become more common. We can provide extensive crossdocking solutions, including relabeling during redistribution and shipping to multiple destinations immediately after unloading. Consolidation solutions ensure you benefit from the best shipping discounts available, streamlining the entire shipping process while reducing overheads.