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    A fulfillment expert will get back to you within 24 hours

    An all-inclusive orientation

    To ensure you can leverage the benefits offered by our system, we will discuss the depths of your needs vide a phone call or email before you get your hands on the services. This will enable us to understand the needs and dynamics of your business and, as such, help you understand how order fulfillment can be optimized, why you need API integration, and how shipping will be done. All this is to ensure that you can reap the benefits of our services and expand your reach smoothly. You will also get a chance to ask any questions you may have about our operations and seek clarification from an expert.


    Getting you an account

    When you are aware of how we work and we, in turn, understand your business, we can create you an account and connect it with sales channels of your choice. This is a smooth process that will operationalize your account through the integration of necessary platforms, a shopping cart, and setting your initial preferences regarding the sales process. This is where you will get practical experience with our software and the dynamics within.


    Customer Care

    Our customer support has been unrivaled for the period we have been in service. This is because we know that we will only grow by helping others rise to their feet. We will always be there for you any time you need help. Besides, you will have a knowledgeable support assistant to train you on the dynamics of our software and your user account until you are conversant and can take over the management of the account without creating delays and inconveniences in critical processes. After you take over your account, our support staff will always be ready to help you tackle any challenges you face on the way up.

    You will also be able to monitor the deliver and shipment of your goods and monitor all your packages and correspondence. Eric Brown Co-Founder of Sun